Classical therapy

In many ways our brains are programmed by our developmental history as a species as well as by our individual environment. We tend to set ourselves on a tramline and keep going, until something knocks us off our tracks. The something can be entirely external (Covid did that), such as retirement or bereavement or redundancy. Or more internal like a major depressive or anxiety episode. The people who end up up facing me in my room have typically found themselves in a situation in which their usual resources aren’t working, and they need some support.

We can work short term, usually around 6 sessions, or longer term if you feel this is what you would benefit from. I can work both fixed weekly appointments and flexibly, which is important for people who work shifts.

I offer a phone call/zoom or face to face session in advance so that you can choose whether to work with me. I’m happy to answer any questions, and can also provide some client feedback if required.

Workplace Issues

With a background of many years in a small family business, and a core training in TA, I really enjoy working with workplace issues, and have found many models to use which can help us make sense of what is going on, which is the start often of creating change.


I am a trained supervisor and particularly enjoy working with experienced therapists, where I can share my wealth of models and experiences. I am UCKP accredited and MBACP.


I am a trained Mediator with some commercial and community mediation experience.  It is a training which fits well with my psychotherapy training, and is useful both in therapy and as a stand alone process.  This would take place at your offices or other workplace, call to discuss.  I also do co-mediation, should you feel more comfortable with two mediators.