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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is an effective way to make real improvements in our intimate relationships.   You don’t have to wait till things have gone off the rails: see it as you would maintenance of anything important in your life, an MOT for your relationship, with high quality specialist therapy.


Depression can be a devastatingly destructive state, from which the sufferer cannot imagine emerging.   However there are many effective ways of working with depressed clients, and I have a lot of experience, as it is one of the most common presenting issues.   Recently I have undertaken specialist training in treating depression, which is NICE approved, therefore has been subjected to RCTs.  

Workplace Issues

With a background of many years in a small family business, and a core training in TA, I really enjoy working with workplace issues, and have found many models to use which can help us make sense of what is going on, which is the start often of creating change.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This is a specialist technique to reduce the impact of trauma, whether recent or old.  It is NICE approved, and widely agreed to be highly effective.   I use this as part of my range of techniques, not as a sole process.

Short Term Work

I have a lot of experience of short term work, either three or six sessions.  We contract for the change you wish to achieve, and work towards that.  It is very effective for the right kind of issue.


I am a trained Supervisor for students doing an Integrative training.


I am a trained Mediator with some commercial and community mediation experience.  It is a training which fits well with my psychotherapy training, and is useful both in therapy and as a stand alone process.  This would take place at your offices or other workplace, call to discuss.  I also do co-mediation, should you feel more comfortable with two mediators.


These are specialist breathing techniques which I am trained to deliver to individuals, and also trained to train in for groups.  Highly effective at reducing stress, thus clearing mind space, literally, for thinking instead of emoting, it is widely used in education to improve results, however is also a technique I teach many clients as a tool to manage our own stress levels.


I have worked extensively as a trainer in business, primarily around start-up issues.  I love this work, and with my TA background and my own years of hands on small firm experience, I can create workshops for most topics which involve motivation and implementation.